Friday, December 13, 2013

Happy 50th Birthday Mom!

My mom turns 50 today! We wanted to do something special for her big day so my dad got us a beach house down in the OBX, NC. (Outer Banks, NC) He and mom came down early on Wednesday to spend a couple days by themselves celebrating and then we (meaning her children and son in laws) joined her this evening after we all got off work! My grandma even came down this week to celebrate her youngest daughter's 50th birthday! (She'll be here until after New Years! Yay for Grandma's!) We'll be spending the weekend here together doing Christmas shopping and just hanging out as a family. My 25th birthday is on Sunday so I've heard murmurings of a little celebrating for me as well.

50, while just another number, just another year, really just another birthday - is still pretty significant! One present we ("the originals" {scroll down}) decided to put together for her was pretty inexpensive but did evoke a few tears from her when she saw it and read through it.

We put together 50 words or things that remind us of mom or character traits that she exemplifies and put them together in a collage. We had it printed and framed for her to keep in her room. She loved it and I have to say that we originals had fun coming up with things and then narrowing it down to the 50 that we wanted to put on here! If you're looking for a sweet, thoughtful gift for a loved one - try this! It won't disappoint. :)

So Happy Birthday Mom! Here's to you and the big 5-0! I pray you have 50 more years here with us!

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