Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving in Pictures: The Poindexters Host Thanksgiving

Some snap shots of our Thanksgiving!

All the dishes prepped and ready to go the day before...

I even labeled everything to make sure I had enough dishes :)

The brine I used for our Turkey. I got the recipe from The Pioneer Woman's blog. My picture doesn't look quite as appetizing as hers, but it smelled amazing as it was heating up!

Prepped and ready to cook! I was so nervous putting it in the oven to cook while we left to visit with Mark's family, but it ended up working out perfectly - this bird was just 30 minutes away from being done when we got back home. 

My brother-in-law Adam making his famous Corn Bread for our feast!

Erin and Adam came over a little bit before the rest of my family to help finish cooking all of the food. :)

Just some appetizers to hold everyone over until the rest of the food was done.

The table all set :)

The place settings...

The Centerpiece... small and simple to leave plenty of room for food. :)

What's a holiday without family pictures?
Erin and Mallory - twins born 7 years apart ; )

The "Originals" as we like to call ourselves. 

My man. 

My fabulous mama - who just happens to be turning 50 this month!

The feast:

(The turkey taste was a hit, but I think I need to work on the presentation a bit more next year!)

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