Tuesday, May 26, 2015

See Reaghan Grow! {8 Months}

Reaghan Eileen turned 8 months old last week! I wrote this the night before her 8 month birthday because we were leaving for vacation the next day, and planned to take pictures of her in the morning and quickly get this posted before leaving. But I totally ran out of time that morning trying to get the car packed and last minute things tied up. We got back yesterday so I just got around to taking pictures today and getting this posted! Here are some milestones, firsts, and struggles of her 8th month that are worth remembering!

  • No check up this month as well, but she weighs around 17 pounds and wearing mostly 9 month clothes. 
  • She has struggled with sleeping this past month! She was doing so well sleeping through the night but for some reason she will wake up sometime between 1-3 and almost like clockwork, it will take 2 hours for her to fall back asleep. We are trying to teach her to soothe and put herself back to sleep without being fed, I'm not going to lie - it has been a tough month. It's so hard to know if she's waking up because she's too wet, or if she's in pain from teething or if she is truly hungry because she is growing. I started giving her a bit of cereal before bed to see if that would help hold her over, and has seemed to help the last few nights but we are about to go on vacation so I'm sure thats going to throw things out of whack again. ; )
  • She still takes 2-3 good naps (usually only 2) but she has also started to fight falling asleep so it takes a little extra work to get her down. 
  • She says "mama" all the time, especially when she is upset! She definitely knows the word means me! She also is saying "dada" more and more but not sure if she associates it with her daddy.
  • She is eating a variety of puree fruits and veggies, wafer crackers and puffs. I'll also feed her fruits and veggies from the table and occasionally letting her taste random things like pizza sauce, etc. She loves drinking water out of her sippy cup but hasn't figured out how to hold it on her own yet.
  • She took her first visit to the  Zoo on our anniversary.
  • She had her first beach days! She doesn't mind the sand and both times we've gone the sound of the waves have put her to sleep as we took a walk. 
  • She finally learned to roll over from back to belly all on her own!
  • She is army crawling everywhere and has started getting up and rocking on her hands/knees, but can't quite coordinate the movement for actual crawling and usually flops back down to her belly when she tries to move forward.
  • She is becoming a super mama's baby. I keep trying to tell her that her daddy loves her just as much as I do. ; )
  • She loves Piper and plays with her on the floor. Piper does so well with her. She loves to try to get into Piper's food dishes and even if Piper is eating she doesn't mind Reaghan being near.
  • She is learning the word "No" and man, oh man is she not fond of it. She thinks she should get to do whatever  her heart desires... like get into Piper's food bowls ; )

We are so excited about summer time - I love all of the cute little rompers, tank tops and swimsuits and seeing her chunky thighs exposed! Our OBX vacation was a blast! I'll get some pictures up soon because Reaghan and her cousin Brooklyn were just adorable. 

We have a busy summer of travels/vacations lined up, so there will be many more firsts for our baby girl! 

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