Sunday, June 11, 2017

See Lilly Grow {4 Months}

Lilly is growing way too fast for me! We are enjoying watching her develop more and more of a personality but it is bittersweet to see her growing up. We've watched one baby morph into a toddler before our very eyes and our second seems to be moving a long even faster!

In a way she's grown a lot this past month reaching milestones, and at the same time I feel like I could leave much of what I wrote last month exactly the same!

She weighed in at the Dr's last week at 15 pounds even. :) She was 67th percentile for head and weight and 47th for height. A little short and stout, but we like her that way. She's made her way into some 6 month outfits already and even wore a size 12 month swim suit at the beach a few weeks ago. But swim suit sizes are always a little funky.

She's a healthy girl!

Still feeding every 2-3 hours. Eats great from a bottle. Starting to watch people when they eat food. I'm not sure I'll make it to 6 months before we start solid foods like I did with Reaghan. Her spitting up saga continues. It's so bad you guys. It will be her claim to fame when she's older, the thing I bring up when I remind her of all I've been through to raise her. The other morning I think she emptied the entire contents of her stomach on me in one spit up. It soaked my hair and clothes.... nothing like spit up hair to motivate you to get up and shower in the morning! 

The first part of this month she was sleeping great! She was starting to go to bed around 8:30 when Reaghan did. I put her in her crib and then would bring her back into our room around midnight when she woke up to feed. I wasn't quite ready to leave her in her own room all night...I don't know, I just feel better with my babies by my bed. So I would bring her back to our room, feed her and she'd go right back down in her cradle until about 5:25 (literally 5:25 on the dot every morning!). I'd then let her fall back asleep with me in the bed for a little bit until we got up for the day. I was L.O.V.I.N.G. it! Some nights she didn't even need to be fed when I moved her to her cradle. We finally got a monitor for her room last week and I was ready to leave her in her room all night when she suddenly decided she didn't like her crib!!!! *insert sobbing here* She is even revolting when it comes to her afternoon naps. It took be a good 45 minutes to get her to go down the last couple of days. Hopefully this is just a phase and we'll be back on track to sleeping through the night and good naps soon because I treasure those long afternoon naps. I get so much done!

She loves the teething toys we've introduced to her, especially the little rubbery corn toothbrush. She loves to watch Reaghan dance and be silly. Loves to be held. She thinks its funny when you kiss her feet or cheeks and make silly noises. She's a little social bug and during Noah's graduation party didn't mind lots of family holding her. She's very quick to offer smiles to everyone! 

She still hates her car seat and car rides. She still screams bloody murder on 90% of our car rides. She doesn't like to be left alone.

She rolled over from belly to back! I put her down for tummy time one day and within 2 minutes she had flipped herself over! I kept putting her back trying to get my camera out and she kept rolling over within seconds. Reaghan thought it was hilarious and was so proud of her. She is working hard rolling from back to belly swinging her legs up and rolling onto her side, but she can't figure it out yet. Reaghan likes to help her roll around. She can scoot herself all around her play mat when she's on her back and when she is on her belly she scoots her butt up in the air like she's trying to move forward. She found her feet and tries to bring them to her mouth. She tries to purposely grab for things to bring to her mouth. She likes to stand up. Sits supported really easily and is trying to pull herself up into sitting whenever she's reclined back, starting to sit in her Bumbo

Sibling Love
Reaghan wants to make sure I don't do anything "babyish" that I do with Lilly because she is not a baby. Like shake a rattle at her. I dressed them in matching outfits every day of our vacation and thought it was adorable. Reaghan wants all of her clothes to match Lilly's. Every morning she asks "Is my sister awake?" or "Can I wake my sister up?" She likes it when Lilly gives her big open mouth "kisses" on her face.

Special Outings/Events

Spent her first night away from mommy when we went to D.C. for our anniversary. She went on her first vacation to the OBX. Went to Uncle Noah's Graduation and Graduation party and met her Great Grandma and Grandpa Kessler for the first time. :)

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