Monday, May 8, 2017

See Lilly Grow {3 months}

Lilly Jean is growing, growing, growing. 
She reached 3 months on the 3rd!
Check out what she's been up to!

No official weight from a drs office this visit... She's in 3 months and 3-6 month outfits now. I love the little rolls she's getting on her thighs. She's so very squishy!

No colds or concerns this month. We haven't had any issues with diaper rashes, cradle cap or even baby acne yet. So thankful for a healthy baby.
LOVES to EAT! She doesn't like going more than 2 hours without eating unless she's asleep. She still spits up a ridiculous amount. I feel like I'm constantly changing her, mopping my floors, cleaning the carpets, and doing laundry because of all of the spit up. It's a little exhausting sometimes I'm not going to lie, but the Dr isn't concerned because she's happy and growing. She's eating really well from a bottle now that I'm back to work. 

She's finally had some "sleep through the night" nights! She's going down for the night a lot sooner, usually sometime between 9 and 10 now and then sleeping until 6 or 7. It's not consistent yet, some nights she'll still wake up around midnight to eat or even 3-4ish but she does go right back to sleep so it isn't bad. I've also been able to start soothing her back to sleep with a little rocking of her cradle and her pacifier sometimes so overall we're headed in the right direction! She is still in our room and probably will be until next month, right now I'm enjoying cuddles with her in the morning when she wakes up at 6 and we lay in bed together until Reaghan gets up.  She usually naps in the morning for an hour-ish, takes another catnap before lunch and then goes down for a long afternoon nap. I was so worried about the afternoon nap! I knew it was going to be crucial to Mark's sanity when I went back to work so I definitely spent time praying and trying to figure out how to make sure her and Reaghan were napping at the same time in the afternoon but I never expected it to go so well! I can't take any credit for the fact that they both are taking 3 hours naps! I start nap time at 1:30, both are asleep {or in Reaghan's case falling asleep} by 2 when I walk out the door for work and Mark says they don't wake up until 4:30-5! This has been a sweet answer to prayer!

She's starting to notice the toys dangling from her play mat or that we hold up for her. She loves to look in the mirror. Loves to hold onto little blankets and pull them to her face/mouth. She loves to suck on her hands. She's always grabbing things in her reach like hair or shirts. She likes baths again. She loves the little bouncy seat because it props her up so she can see whats going on. She loves to interact with her big sissy and people in general.
Her carseat! There was about 2 weeks straight of nonstop crying every time we went somewhere... if it took us 30 minutes to get home from someplace, she cried the full 30 minutes. This seems to be getting better, but she's still not a fan of being in the car or her carseat. She doesn't like to be held like a baby unless she's falling asleep. She wants to be held up and facing out. Still not a fan of tummy time, but really does any baby like it?! I've been so bad about making sure she gets so many minutes of tummy time a day too! I mean, she gets it here and there but I was so on top of it with Reaghan! lol

She started laughing! Aunt Nin Nin got her to give her first full laugh and it was the sweetest. Since then it's gotten easier and easier to get a giggle out of her. She noticed her toes for the first time during our little photo session... 

Sibling Love
Reaghan brings me so much joy everyday. She is the sweetest big sister - always telling me about how she is going to share her things with baby "Yilly" when she grows up. Whenever I think I'm doing something special like giving her a bath all by herself, she always asks for Lilly to join. She never wants Lilly to be napping and sometimes gets upset when I tell her she can't wake Lilly up. She never got upset during the ridiculous amounts of crying Lilly did in the car. She does mimic everything I say... sweet things and frustrations so I have to be careful voicing my frustrations when Lilly's spit up for the 100th time in a day! I'm on the hunt for matching swimsuits for this summer! 
Special Outings/Events
Mommy went back to work 2 afternoons a week. She celebrated her first Easter. Her cousin Anslee was born! She had her first beach day and did so good! Napped under the umbrella and everything :) 

Sometimes I remember how things were much simpler with just Reaghan and outings took way less thought and effort, because let's be real, it was much simpler! But there is so much sweetness with two. SO. Much. I am reminding myself every day to slow down and treasure these days. Even the sleepless nights. Even the crying. And yes, even the spit up because how in the world did 3 months go by so fast?! 

Also, I love comparing and contrasting these two sisters!

They have similar features, like their eyes! But so, so different too. Like their head shape and overall size. Reaghan was still swimming in her 3 month sized outfits and Lilly is about to bust out of hers! haha

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