Friday, August 9, 2013

Europe Trip: Day 11 in Oundle

Well lovely people, our Europe vacation is coming to an end.

Today we spent our time resting and packing for our trip home tomorrow.

Except for a short trip to the Cath Kidston outlet where I spent entirely too much money but I'm justifying it by telling myself that I got a lot of Christmas gifts out of the way... : ) If you've never heard of Cath Kidston, google it. I mean, if you like Vera Bradley, you won't be disappointed.

I can't say how blessed we are to have been able to travel this year. I always said growing up that I wanted to travel before I had kids and I can't believe I actually got to do it! I've seen a little part of the world and it wouldn't have been possible without my hard working husband, who figured out our finances so we could go, and my family for watching our crazy pup while were gone! It has been a trip that I'll carry with me forever. Not that I think God is good only when He gives blessings, but every good and perfect gift does come from Him, and this trip was a good gift.

Our last dinner at and English pub. Fish and Chips all around of course. : )

Cheers, England!

It's been grand.

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