Saturday, August 24, 2013

14 mile run + last weeks workout schedule

My workout schedule was a little different this week. I started teaching an ACL injury prevention class at work on Monday and Wednesday nights, which focuses on strength and balance training, and plyometric and agility drills. Because of the class setting I get to work out along side of the high school girls I'm training and since I don't get home on those nights until about 8:30, those workouts have to count as my work out for the day!

Monday: ACL Class

Tuesday: p90x plyometrics. I actually got the husband to join in with me on this one! He was pretty sore the next day but was glad I talked him into doing it. : )

Wednesday: ACL Class

Thursday: 1 mile jog - I was meeting a friend for dinner and thats all I had time for!

Friday: 14 mile run! And it was miserable! I mean. I was struggling. I had to stop and walk twice for about 2-3 minutes each. Which I guess when you're out there for 2 1/2 hours total walking for less than 10 minutes out of that time isn't bad, but I'd prefer not to have to walk at all. My ipod has officially gone to the dogs. It didn't work for me again this week. 14 miles without music to help you stay motivated is extremely difficult. Not to mention my right leg had this awful feeling of being achy and heavy. It was something I hadn't experience before but after some stretching after mile 6 it seemed to help a bit. Anyways, I guess I'm making excuses for why it was so hard haha but I eventually finished it. I think next week I'll back down to a 9-10 mile run to give my legs a little bit of a break and then the following week try to complete a 16 miler. We'll see how I'm feeling. :)

Saturday: I'm resting today, thanks to my legs being so tired after yesterdays run plus I spent the rest of my day off yesterday doing yard so I think my legs are grateful for the rest today.

How were your workouts this week?

Did you do anything to change it up?

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