Sunday, September 29, 2013

22 mile run + last weeks workout schedule

I have been slacking on putting up the last few weeks of my training. After my run rest, where I switched my long runs from Saturdays to Wednesdays, I have done an 18 mile run and a 20 mile run. The 18 miler was pretty bad - I walked ALOT, it took me way longer than I wanted and I felt awful afterwards. I mean, it felt like I was coming down with the flu, I had a headache and my body was achey, but I spent the rest of the day that day at my moms in the pool before heading in to work - which seemed to cure most of my ailments. :) The following week I ran a 20 miler and felt 100x better... didn't have to walk at all and better managed my fluid intake - I felt so good that I wished the race was happening right then and I could just run 6 more miles and be done with it! Thankfully this week's 22 miler was just as nice!

Here's what my work out weeks been looking like:

Saturday 9/21 - P90x legs and back
Sunday - 3 mile run with Piper
Monday - ACL Class (My final class, so I'm going to need another form of exercise on Mon/Wed)
Tuesday - Rest and body prep for the long run. This includes some stretching, rolling out the tight muscle with "The Stick", and some carb loading. My routine carb load dinner is 2 slices of cheese pizza from Papa Johns and 2-3 bread sticks! I'm hoping I can find a Papa Johns pretty easily in DC the night before the race. ; )
Source - No afilliation
Wednesday - 22 Mile Run! I ran a 10 mile loop, stopped at the house to quickly use the bathroom and grab some Gu Chomps, ran another 10 mile loop, then stopped to get little miss Piper for the last 2 miles. That probably wasn't the best idea seeing as she had way more energy at that point than I did, haha, but she made sure I ran those last 2 miles with all I had left. Afterwards I was sore and achey, but just the legs, so I was super happy. Unfortunately I had mad blisters on my toes, they are still hurting today, but other than that I felt great!

That was the last of my LONG runs. With a month left until the race, I am going to start tapering... I've never really truly tapered before a race before so I'm a little nervous that I'll lose some momentum, but I don't really have a choice as I'm having surgery tomorrow morning to remove an endometrioma on my left ovary. The recovery time should be quick, but it will still require some rest from the longer runs. I am supposed to run a half marathon with a friend a week from today, but will be walking it instead due to the surgery. Oh well, at least I will still be getting my miles in!

Thursday - Core workout from Pinterest. I usually take it easy on the days after my long runs.
Friday - Rested - oops. Definitely should've done an arm workout or something! I'm a slacker...
Saturday - 1 mile run with Piper. 

Tomorrow is surgery day so this week will be a very slow workout week for me as I recover, but like I said this time next week I'll be walk/running 13.1 miles so hopefully the recovery will be without any complications! 


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