Monday, April 20, 2015

Monday Workout {3}

Seriously, I can't get enough Mondays around here.

The day just goes so smoothly. We stay on a nice schedule; Reaghan gets to take great naps in her crib, I get a run in, I get dinner planned/prepped, and various household tasks done. I think I love it because it is our day to just be home. (minus the 3pm-7pm that I'm at work). Almost every other day of the week I end up taking Reaghan some where, and its so nice to have the freedom to go and do, but it's also so nice to just be home!

I did a 2 mile interval run again today. I started my run a little late so cut a mile out of it and didn't do any additional core work or anything so I could get home and shower before Reaghan got up from her nap. I'm totally in to these speed work runs I've been doing! I come home super out of breath and sweaty and its awesome!

I've made a new goal for myself to lose 10 pounds by the June 19th. I'm in my cousin Emma's wedding and would love to be a couple of inches thinner! So I got this app called my fitness pal...

You can set goals for yourself and then track your calories, water in take, and log your workouts. I'm really using it to track my calories. It's amazing how much I'll want to eat without realizing it or taking into account how many calories I consume by snacking here and there or sipping on sugary drinks. It's definitely helping me be more mindful. The tricky thing is not cutting calories so much that I affect my milk supply, so I'm definitely still eating! Recording what I eat also helps me choose healthier foods, because seeing a list of processed, sugary carbs on my "snack" category makes me feel pretty crappy about myself! haha. 

Anyways, I'm down 1 pound, so here's to continuing my never ending journey of trying to get "in shape"! 

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