Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Salty Air

We had our first beach day of 2015 today and of course this was Reaghan's first beach day ever in her life! And she loved it.

Okay, maybe love is too strong of a word since she can't really appreciate playing in the sand and water just yet. But she certainly didn't mind the sand on her toes when I put her feet down in it. :)

I was definitely paranoid about keeping sun screen on her! I cringed at the thought of introducing any damage to her silky smooth white skin!

Despite her best efforts to remove her floppy hat, my resolve was stronger and the hat stayed on about 90% of the time that we were down there. :)

First time using our new shelter umbrella! I only used it for her nap though because it really wasn't hot down there and when the clouds covered the sun it actually got a little chilly. 
Hence the towel covering her ;)

She's so sweet.

Meanwhile my brother kept a close eye on the navy jet planes that were putting on quite 
the show for us. #welovejetnoise #thesoundsoffreedom #navytown ; )

We are also enjoying a visit from my mom's mom, who isn't a real big fan of the beach but loves us so much that she came with us today! My mom, on the other hand, sees the beach as an absolute necessity and is looking forward to passing on her love to a future generation of beach babes.

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