Saturday, September 26, 2015

Reaghan's Birthday Day!

Reaghan's 1 year old birthday has become a whole blog post series! Haha I'm on post 3/4 already and still trying to get the posts up over a week after her actual birthday. I'm loving it, but you might be getting all "Reaghan's 1 - we get it already, move on!" But too bad. My blog ;) So....sorry, not sorry for all of the Reaghan birthday posts. :)

On Reaghan's ACTUAL birthday, as I mentioned before, Mark took the day off and we set out to the beach to spend the afternoon - after she took a nice long morning birthday nap. :)

Reaghan was a little timid when it came to seeing some of the big tanks at first...

 Its hard taking good pictures with your phone in an aquarium : /

She started to get a little braver as we went on...

....until we got to the statue of a dolphin - she wasn't a big fan of that!...

...but the shark statue was awesome...
A dolphin scarier than a shark?! I'm not really sure what this girl is thinking!

She really liked looking at the shark's swimming in the tank as well.

I think her favorite was when we got to put our hands in the Sting Ray pool.

As soon as her hands hit the water she started making little splashes and I think the Rays were attracted to the movement because they started swarming towards us!


(I'm not sure how her bow got twisted behind her ear?!)

She loved it though! 

The Blue Angels were practicing for the Air Show so we got a little peak at their shenanigans as we walked between the two buildings at the aquarium.

Checking out the otter playing. I love watching this girl get excited about things!

The aquarium has these fun little kid play areas that we took her in. Since her birthday was on a Thursday and school is back in session, there weren't very many kids at the aquarium. And none at all in these little play areas, so we let her crawl around a bit. 

She really enjoyed it, but the mom in me had to squash down all my germaphobe notions. Honestly, I'm what you would call an anti-germaphobe - until it comes to Reaghan! But I let her play because she loved it and then we just wiped our hands down afterwards. ; )

"You want to play daddy?!"

Family selfie before leaving the aquarium!

She was starting to get sleepy by that point and fell asleep when we put her in the car. She was so worn out that she stayed asleep when we put her in the stroller and as we pushed her along the boardwalk until we got to the restaurant! 

We ate at Rock Fish - a small seafood place attached the the back of a hotel, with outside seating that overlooks the boardwalk. Reag finally woke up right before we got our food.

Birthday conversations...

Birthday Kisses!

After dinner we walked out on to the beach and played in the sand and water.

Blowing kisses to daddy!

She always has her tongue out :)

We had the best birthday day with her and enjoyed being just us.
We'll always remember sitting on the beach and playing in the sand with our little birthday girl!

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