Thursday, September 17, 2015

See Reaghan Grow! {1 Year}

Welp, it happened. A year has come and gone since I gave birth to the little girl that made me a mommy. The second best day of my life (my wedding day being the first best day) but definitely the 1st best year of my life! It went by fast, but I think we did a good job of soaking up every big and small moment that we could and taking as many picture and videos as possible to capture her personality as she grew. (I think we're at well over 1,000 pictures! My computer's memory has practically reached its capacity so its time to start moving pictures over to a hard drive to make room for more ;))

We had a great day today with our sweet baby Reag. Mark took the day off and we spent time as just a family of 3 going to the aquarium, out to an early dinner, walking along the boardwalk and playing in the sand and ocean with a nice cool evening breeze! There will definitely be another post with pictures for all of that! But for now...


This is my last monthly "See Reaghan Grow" post! What a sad thought. I loved writing down her milestones here so I would have something to refer to if I fell behind in filling out her baby book. Hopefully I continue to document her milestones there!

So before I drift into further sappiness.... here is what Reaghan did during her last month of the first year of her life!

  • She has a Dr's appointment on the 23rd so I can update her "stats" then, but I know she weighs about 18 pounds {tiny!} and stands around 26 inches tall as measured next to her wooden height chart
  • 9 month clothes are finally getting too small! We've moved on to mostly 12 months and some 12-18 months.
  • She's continuing her good sleep habits of 10-11 hours at night. She moves all over her crib when she sleeps! Still 2 naps during the day. She can get away with only taking 1, but it usually means an earlier bedtime and more fussy moments.
  • She fully feeds herself now and has started practicing feeding herself with a spoon - though it normally turns in to her just pushing her food all around her tray and dumping it out before it gets to her mouth.
  • She's gotten a lot pickier this last month when it comes to food choices! She will flat out refuse food if she's not in the mood for it, even if its something she just ate yesterday. Not sure where this is coming from! Sometimes she'll try something and then decide she doesn't like it and spit it out. I'm still trying to figure out how to handle this. I want her to eat so she doesn't starve - though I've been told not to worry about this - but I also don't want to to keep wasting food by offering 5 different things only to have her refuse every one. She's even picky about the food I offer her off of my plate! One thing I can count on - she always eats broccoli! lol 
  • We are down to breast feeding only 3-4 times a day. This was my last week of pumping at work! Bittersweet, but I'm not super sad about not having to carry all of that in and then clean it all when I get home.
  •  Her 2 top teeth finally poked through within just a few days of each other. I love her gap toothed grin!
  • She went to visit family in Charlottesville for Labor day and met even more new cousins for the first time.
  • She has taken 1-2 steps a couple of times! She'll briefly let go of the coffee table or a hand and try to come towards me, but it usually ends in her lunging forward just trusting I'll catch her! She does very well walking if you're holding 1 or both of her hands. She loves to walk around everywhere like this!
  • She's learned how to point to her belly, head and teeth when asked. 
  • She loves to open up cabinets and pull things out of them.
  • She can point with her index finger for things she sees, and sometimes to say she's "1"!
  • She only says mama and dada but knows who she wants when she says them!
  • She has a habit of screeching to get my attention so we are working on saying "mama" in those moments instead. She is getting better at it and I love watching her understand and learn and obey.
  • Mark says when 7:30 rolls around on the days I work, she will crawl towards the front door anticipating my arrival. She can't crawl to me fast enough when I walk through the door!
  • She loves to take one of my make up brushes and "put on her pretties" when I'm getting ready. 
  • She loves to play in her sand box outside - it's the birthday present we got for her and we let her play in it a little early ; )

Pointing with her index finger to say she's 1 now!

Her favorite Molly Polly Dolly

Pointing for a snack - yes - I may have bribed her with puffs.

"Mommy, are you sure I can have this chalk?!"

She offered the chalk back to me and then immediately regretted her decision when I took it. 
So I gave it back!

"Let me draw you a pretty picture mommy!"

Wiping away her art! Guess what Reag? No more monthly photoshoots! You've humored your mama long enough. You're free to grow without formal documentation. ;)

"Hmm... chalk leaves white dust on my hands when I wipe the board."
You can see the curiosity in her face - the look of figuring out something new - its my favorite!

We are all ready for her birthday party this Sunday! We just have a few more things to clean up in our backyard and another grocery trip to make. We are looking forward to having our families over to celebrate and play and enjoy time together!

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