Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Clean Eating Challenge {day 2}

Day 2 is complete! 

You guys, I went to Target today and didn't stop at their little cafe! Every time the girls in my family take a group shopping trip to Target we stop and get a soda and some popcorn, it's just what we do. But we marched right by and said not today Target! Okay, so we might have slowly walked by and looked longingly at the soda fountain and popcorn machine and tried to remember why we were depriving ourselves of this yucky goodness- but either way, armed with our water bottles in hand - we said no. :) yay for will power and accountability!

Breakfast: eggs over easy with salt/pepper and avocados

Lunch: canned tuna fish with avocado, cherry tomatoes, and lemon juice. I forgot to take a picture :/ 

Dinner: Almond Crusted baked chicken strips with steamed veggies. 


The breading wasn't real crunchy (which happens anyways when you bake instead of fry) and while it had flavor, I think it could have used a bit more seasoning. Overall it was good and filling. I was slightly jealous of the dipping sauce Mark was using though. I should look into some recipes for clean dipping sauces! 

I also found these Whole30 approved (which means if they're approved for whole30, they're totally okay for this challenge!) snack bars at Target! 



I think they're pretty good too! I love having a little snack at night so this will be perfect! A little something different after eating fruits and veggies all day. :)

Ps - I also made a cake today for Reaghan's smash cake photo session that's happening tomorrow morning and I didn't even lick the spoon. I love to lick the spoon. Talk about temptation!!! Yikes. But I can't cheat only 2 days in, so I just ate my LARABAR.  


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