Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Clean Eating Challenge {day 3}

Day 3 done! 

Breakfast: LARABAR - I was rushing around this morning to get everything ready for the day, including dinner prep, before leaving to have Reaghan's 1 year old pictures done because I knew I wouldn't be back until after I got off work at 7, so I didn't really stop to make breakfast. 

Lunch: a few pieces of watermelon and 1/2 a banana. My sisters took Reaghans pictures at the Botanical Gardens and so it took us some time to get there and back and before we knew it we needed to get back to my sisters to take cake smash pictures and then I had to be at work at 2:30 so lunch was pretty much skipped. We wanted to swing through a a fast food drive in so bad but didn't!  


Dinner: Sweet Potatoes with chicken. 

Normally I love my sweet potato smothered in butter and brown sugar. But today I had to go the savory route. The potatoes baked in the crockpot all day and the chicken was pre cooked so I just had to warm it up and then load up my potato with it! I drizzled some olive oil, salt and garlic powder on there and you know, it tasted pretty good. 

Today was a litt rushed and crazy and I didn't eat that much at all and I've definitely been hungry all day. :/ I need to be better tomorrow. 

But aside from hunger pains, today was an emotional day for me. I'm a sentimental kind of gal so it doesn't take much to make me tear up, but man it was often today. My little baby is turning 1 tomorrow. We've been doing this mommy, daddy, daughter thing for a whole year now and it's been the best. It's also gone by way too fast. So tonight I rocked my baby just a little longer than usual because tomorrow she will wake up a 1 year old. 

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