Thursday, October 1, 2015

Reaghan's Party!

And Reaghan's birthday posts continue!!!  ....this one is the 4th and final one. :) I've been waiting to get this one up until I got the pictures that my sister Mallory took from the party.

The Sunday after her birthday we had our families over for lunch after church. We wanted to keep it pretty low key but also have fun. I picked out an elephant theme and ordered a few things from Oriental Trading to decorate with. I also did a few craft projects - like an elephant banner, a monthly picture banner and a cute little sign that said "ONE" on it for her high chair.

Our house got pretty full since all of Mark's extended family that live in the area came over and of course my family. Plus my Aunt Evie and cousin JP drove my grandma down from Charlottesville to celebrate with us as well! Even though we've lived in our house for 3 years now, we've never had this size of a gathering here before. We weren't sure how we were going to get a seat for everyone, but it all worked out and we enjoyed it!

Unfortunately Reaghan wasn't overly excited about opening her presents. Not as much as we were hoping, especially since she had a fairly large audience. She was more interested in playing with her cousin Brooklyn and her two second cousins, June and Baylee. But thankfully Mallory captured some of the highlights of her opening presents and she looks like she's thoroughly enjoying it! She was absolutely spoiled with gifts from everyone. Her toy box now runneth over. 

Teaching her to read the cards before opening the presents...

...But she didn't even really know how to open her presents.

She did like the sparkly cards :)

One of her favorite gifts were Honest Co. baby powder and hand sanitizer. Mostly because she loved the way they smelled. This girl loves to smell pretty things.

She got the cutest outfits for fall from her aunts and grandmas!

{Notice she's still playing with her new baby powder ;)}

The mega blocks from her Aunt Erin were among her favorite gifts. She plays with them very contentedly every day and was so proud of herself when she figured out how to connect two blocks together and pull them apart.

Her ladybug umbrella sort of scared her haha

Another favorite was a music set/drum from BB and TomTom. You can see the excitement on her face!

These drums have really encouraged her to stand more on her own and take steps! She will hold the two drumsticks in her hands and bang on the drums while standing. The other night Mark started scooting the drum away from her and she took a couple of steps to follow it! she is keeping an eye on her cousins and wishing she could just go back to playing...

Her Aunt Ann and Uncle Jason bought her this adorable little rocking chair. She loves to climb in and out of it with her dolly's! We have it sitting in our front room so she can hang out with daddy while he watches football. ; )

Cousin Brooklyn helping her open her presents.

Opening her present from Grammy and PopPop.

A push car! She LOVES it. This has opened up a whole new world for her on walks around the neighborhood. 

I prayed for weeks leading up to the party that we would have nice weather so we could enjoy time in our backyard. Mark worked hard to build a new shed and make our yard look pretty for the party, so I was thanking God all day long that the weather was perfectly enjoyable for sitting outside!

We even did cake and ice cream outside :)

(Piper wanted to sneak a sniff!)

A little look at the cake Mark and I made for her. Mark baked. I carved and decorated. It was fun! It was a little messy, but I thought it turned out pretty cute!

Hugs from my baby girl!

My Family! So Blessed! 

So grateful for Mallory capturing these photos for us. Also grateful for everyone who came and celebrated with us. We are blessed to have so many family members in the area.
We had a fun day and made sweet memories.
I just need to get some of these pictures printed out to put in her baby book!


Her party was on a Sunday, so by 4pm some of the males (okay- the females too - we're a football loving family!) in the family were eager to checkout the scores of the football games.  

Reaghan didn't mind. She just took a few minutes to sit on her Uncle Noah's lap and eat another cupcake. ; )


Okay, I'm officially done with Reaghan's birthday posts!
You're Welcome. 
: )

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