Saturday, April 4, 2015

Easter Basket for Baby

 At first I wasn't sure if I was going to do an Easter basket for Reaghan{see the end of this post}... Obviously she's way too young to enjoy some Reese's peanut butter eggs (my personal favorite) and while she definitely know when she gets a new toy, I knew putting a basket together would be more for me than for her.

But... she did actually need some new outfits since she is outgrowing most of whats in her closet and she could really use some new toys... So I decided to go for it! But what exactly do you put in a 6 months old Easter basket??? I'll share what we put together!

I asked Mark to pick out a few items. Reaghan loves to grab for our phones and tv remotes, 
so he got her her own. 
(Honestly, we're not always in front of our phones or tv! But when we are, she notices and wants it!)

One to celebrate the true meaning of Easter and one with just a spring time theme!

As I mentioned, she needed size 9 month spring/summer clothes!

Sippy Cup!
She is just the right age to start filling a cup up with water and start teaching her how to drink from a sippy cup. This is a transitional sippy cup and I can even put her bottle nipples in it and just get her used to holding the handles.

Summer Gear!
We're going to be spending more and more time outdoors so sunscreen is a must and I just couldn't pass up these adorable flip flops from Old Navy for $4!

All Assembled!
Here is what her basket looks like put all together. 
I'm glad I decided to go through with it. She might not remember, but I know I will, and I'll be glad to have pictures of her first Easter to look back on. My parents always did Easter baskets for me and my siblings and I have sweet memories of those early Sunday mornings checking our baskets before getting ready for church.

Other Ideas!
(Things I thought to get her but she didn't really need or I just decided to get at a later date!)
  • Pacifiers
  • Bows/Bow ties
  • Bibs
  • Beach toys
  • Beach Towel
  • Bathing Suit
  • Baby foods
  • Stuffed animals

{I certainly haven't forgotten my Easter Post from a couple of years ago. I'm no less irritated by the Easter bunny this year than in years past, but as I mentioned then, we are going to enjoy celebrating Easter with baskets and eggs just as we celebrate Christmas with gifts. But we will keep the true reason for the celebration the focus above all else. Tonight I read with Reaghan the story of the cross and resurrection from her Jesus Storybook Bible at bedtime (a shortened version ;)) and this is something I plan to continue to do with her on Easter's Eve!}

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