Monday, April 13, 2015

Monday Workout! {2}

I don't know whats happening over here, but Mondays are starting to become a favorite day of mine. I  know what you're thinking... Really?! Who actually likes Mondays?! I'm with ya. I never really have. But last Monday and today were such fantastic starts to my week, so if next Monday follows suit, well, happy Mondays may just become a trend here at the Poindexters!

I've already told you that Mark works from home on Mondays, so that is a nice plus. In some ways it feels like the weekend is extended just a bit. But instead of treating it like another lazy day I've started to take advantage of the fact that he's home and get in some runs! Running, or working out in general, really lifts the day and sets me on the path to being motivated and productive!

After I put Reaghan down for her morning nap, Piper and I headed out the door! We ran 3 miles this morning and did another interval run. Interval runs are super tough for me, mostly because I rarely do them. I'm trying to incorporate them into my running routines a bit more since I'm not really doing long distances right now and its a faster way to burn fat and calories!

My 3 mile run looked pretty much like this: 5 minute light jog warm up and then alternating between 1 minute at a 5k pace and then 3 minutes at a 10k pace. I'm not a fast runner so right now my 5k pace is about 8:45-9:00 minute miles and 10k pace is about a 9:30-9:45 minute miles. Hopefully doing more interval runs will help speed up that time! My total time for todays run was 3.00 miles in 28ish minutes. Not bad. The quote below is one of my favorite motivational mantra's to repeat to myself when I'm out running! It's especially needed when I'm trying to do speed work because MAN! I get tired before I'm even halfway done.

After the run I came in and did some core work:

I had also planned on repeating last weeks trend of making a smoothie to take to work with me... but I ran out of time...



The only draw back to my Mondays.

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