Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Nap Time Exercise!

This is what my exercise time looked like today!

It's warmish outside today but a little too windy to take Reaghan out in the jogging stroller, so I had to get my sweat on inside! And squeeze it in during nap time! I have to work today so there is always a lot to get done in the mornings before I leave, which really only gives me 30ish minutes to get in a workout. Plus I'm leaving a little early so my big sis can cut and highlight my hair. : )

Prior to the above exercises I pulled up a 10 minute cardio video from pop sugar fitness and did that to get my heart rate up a bit and my muscles warm. I didn't really have a plan in mind when I got started, I just kind of rolled with whatever exercise popped into my mind, knowing I wanted to do legs and some core work. : )

I've been giving myself way too many excuses for not working out, but with beach time right around the corner and being in 2 weddings this summer - well - it's time for no more excuses!

**Wall sits - 2 for 60 seconds each
**Planks (forward and side) - 2 for 30 seconds each

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