Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Love it or Leave it: Baby Items Months 4-6

Reaghan continues to grow and learn and develop more of her own silly, loving, and curious personality. There is so much joy in watching her make new discoveries! Here are some of the baby items that we loved the last couple of months that helped Reaghan grow or just made life easier. {Some are age specific and some are things we had the chance to use because Reaghan just happened to experience things like a cold and diaper rash for the first time...}

Love It:

Banana Teether
Reaghan is teething like crazy (although an actual tooth has yet to make an appearance!) she chews on anything she can get her hands on. But one of her favorites is this banana rubber toothbrush! She will grab for it first in a pile of toys.

Kiki Elephant
Another beloved teething toy? Kiki the Elephant! (Cousin to Sophie the Giraffe!)

Carters Fleece Sleep Bag
Once she was in her crib and weaned from her swaddle, we were right in the dead of winter. January always proves to be the coldest here in Virginia so I really felt like Reaghan needed an extra layer while she slept but obviously I didn't feel comfortable putting a blanket over her. This fleece sleep bag from Carters was perfect for this! Now that spring is around the corner, I need to get her a sleeveless cotton one!

Honest Diaper Balm
Reaghan had her first bad diaper rash around 5 1/2 months. I was using bordeaux's butt paste product but that just wasn't helping much. I switched to a more natural based product - The Honest Co.'s Healing Balm, because I already had it on hand, and that definitely helped to clear things up. 

Carseat Toys
Reaghan doesn't always fall asleep in the car like she used to, so she seems to enjoy having something to entertain her. It also kept her busy while shopping! These are some of the ones that we have.

We've started incorporating a book or 2 at bedtime if she's not quite ready to eat right after bath time. Touch and Feel books are perfect! (It's nice to have a collection so you're not reading the same book every night - for mama's sake!)

We experienced our first "baby with a cold" days around the 5 months mark. It wasn't super fun but the humidifier actually helped baby girl breathe easier and sleep for longer stretches!

Snot Sucker
This goes right along with the humidifier. I'm not a fan of the whole sucking my babies snot out with my mouth, so the old fashioned bulbs worked fine for us. I like this one from Safety first because it can come apart to be easily cleaned out.

Bath Toys
Bath time is so much fun now that Reaghan is sitting up, grabbing at toys and splashing!
Bath Toy Net
A toy holder is essential for staying organized in the bathroom! This is the one that we have.

Carseat Canopy
This one isn't really age specific, but since our cold months fell right in between the 4-6 month mark, we loved having this canopy! It protected Reaghan from freezing temps, biting winds and snow! My mom actually bought us the whole set, so I have the minky carseat cover and hood that matches this canopy. It must be nice to be transported in a warm, cozy pod during the winter months. ; )

Pack n Play
Reaghan went on her first overnight trip to Ikea and we had the chance to use our pack n play for the first time! We'll be taking quite a few trips this spring/summer so we'll get a lot more use out of it as well. I am a little bummed that we never really used the changing pad part on it, but we just didn't have a reason to pull it out until she was really too big to use that feature.

Leave it:

Bottle Warmer
We were given this from my sister-in-law to try out since she didn't really find it helpful for their family and we pretty much had the same conclusion. So much easier to just heat some water in a bowl in the microwave! haha and one less item to store.

We are also still putting to use all of the items I listed in the 2 - 4 months baby list! The highchair, play mat, bumbo, and exersaucer get used EVERY day. The swing is on the, um, downswing, though. We rarely use it anymore and actually just talked the other day about packing it up soon to get back a little more space.

Now that we are a couple weeks past Reaghan's 1/2 birthday, we are already using more gear as she gains more control sitting on her own and have begun eating! I can't wait to update in a month or two with a whole new list of baby items!

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