Thursday, March 5, 2015

Reaghan Eats Rice Cereal!

We introduced some semi solid food to this girl a couple of nights ago. 5 1/2 months and eating her first bites off of a spoon! Mark captured the sequence of events pretty well in the following photos:

Haha. She wasn't too sure about it. We mixed rice cereal with breast milk and I think she was a little confused that what she was tasting wasn't coming out of her mommy or out of a bottle. She did do a good job of opening her mouth for the spoon though! She even started pulling the spoon towards her mouth, but I think she was more interested in chewing on the rubber end of the spoon then she was eating the food that was on the spoon!

So proud of our tiny human! It feels like we are reaching new milestones every week!

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