Saturday, September 14, 2013

Day Date

If I ever start to complain, can somebody please just slap me? Okay, maybe slapping is a bit violent, maybe you could just gently remind me of days like yesterday??? I'd sure appreciate it, because I really have no right to grumble...

This fall I only have to work until noon on Fridays, (most Fridays I end up getting off at 11 really...) and Mark has every other Friday off. That means every other Friday we get to spend the afternoon together. Yesterday we soaked up every minute of our afternoon together by doing a lot of planning and dream building for our house.

After I got off work we headed out to a nearby nursery to check out some trees for our back yard. We can pretty much see right into our neighbors backyard from our deck (and they can see us) so we're looking to get some privacy hedges/trees to put in along the fence this fall. Not that we have anything against them, its just... umm.... awkward sometimes.

We're thinking about these Dahoon Holly trees...

Or "Lugustrum" hedge trees.
(I learned a lot of fancy tree names yesterday! My dad would be proud.)

After we left the nursery we stopped at one of our favorite local spots,  Bergey's Bread Basket, to get some delicious, home-made, soft serve ice cream. (That was a lot of comma's!)

They're also a farm and often have sheep, goats, ponies and cows out to pet, feed and look at. Of course I had to stop and feed this fluffy thing before going inside to get some ice cream.

Afterwards we came back home and took our pup for a walk around our neighborhood. It was a gorgeous day, in the mid 70's with just a little bit of a breeze, so we took our time walking our streets and admiring - or critiquing - houses in our neighborhood. It was all innocent fun, just thinking about things we could do to our own house, but I hope people don't pick my house apart as they walk by! I should put a sign out front that says "we're working on it." haha.

After our walk we enjoyed a quiet nap. I know I should've probably done some sort of exercise, but it sure is hard to pass up cuddling with your spouse on a Friday afternoon, those opportunities don't come around every week, ya know?

We stretched our day date out into a low key evening with dinner at local hot dog shop. (We kind of like the small little hot dog joints around here! Mmmm!) And after dinner we did some window shopping at Lowes. As a kid I never enjoyed going to the hardware store with my parents, it was super uninteresting to me; but ever since we've owned the house it has become one of my favorite places to shop. I think it's because when I buy things from there I know real, noticeable changes will be happening at home! But last night wasn't about buying anything, it was simply about dreaming...

One day we'll change the backsplash in our kitchen to one of these samples. I particularly like the one in the bottom right corner right now. 

One day we'll replace the ceiling fans through out the house with something a little more modern. This was my favorite of the group last night...

One day we'll update the light fixture in the dining room from the outdated globe to a chic hanging light. This one is a wee bit lot higher than what I'd be willing to pay for hanging light, but I thought it was super cute.

One day we'll hang up some new lighting in our kitchen and discard of the harsh florescent light. 

Speaking of kitchens... one day we'll get new appliances, especially a new fridge! But not this one. This one was about $2,900 - on sale - because it was damaged! But I still liked it. It was pretty. And it had two freezer drawers. And an ice maker. Who new you could have a "dream" refrigerator?!

And last but not least, one day we'll have new floors.
Laminate or actual hardwood? It's a toss up right now. ; )

I am just so grateful for days like yesterday. Even though it is just the two of us and we technically spend every evening/weekend together. There's just something special about setting aside "to-do" lists, and chores and busy schedules and spending quality time together.
 Spending time building dreams together.

And if thats not enough of a reminder not to complain, how could I ever be grumpy when I have this sweet Piper pup that steals all of my pillows and sleeps by my bed every night?

Do you enjoy window shopping for your house? 

What do you and your hubby enjoy doing on days you have off together? I'd love to hear about it!

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  1. It's one of my favorite things! :) We've been faucet shopping lately, which is more fun than you might think. Also, we're looking for rugs and light fixtures, so there's been a lot of comparing different ones we like. It is so fun to have someone to dream with! :)