Sunday, September 8, 2013

Run Rest + last weeks workout schedule

I took a rest from my long runs this weekend for a couple of reasons. One, I have to switch my long run days from Friday mornings to Wednesday mornings because of a change in my work schedule and Two, I knew my legs needed a rest! For the past 4 weeks I've increased my mileage by 2 miles a week, 10,12,14,16.... plus I've been adding more strength training for my legs and I could just tell they were getting fatigued. I was originally planning to do a 10 miler on Saturday and then 16 miles on Wednesday but when I woke up Saturday morning my legs felt heavy and tired before I even got out of bed! I knew it wouldn't be a good run and it was about time for a step back week anyways, so I'm just saving up some energy for a good long run on Wednesday : )

Monday - Labor Day - We went canoeing on the James river with family for Labor Day. We were out there for 4 hours, so I'm counting that as my workout today.

Tuesday - P90x Legs + Ab Ripper X

Wednesday - ACL Class

Thursday - 3 mile run with the Pipes.

Friday - P90x Chest and Shoulders + 300 Abs (an Ab workout from pinterest)

Saturday - 1 Mile quick run with the Pipe's in my new shoes!!! So excited that Sports Authority had all of their Asics on sale! My regular $115 shoes were only $69.98!

(I'm not affiliated with Sports Authority in anyway.)

Sunday - Rest, but I did take the pup for a walk this afternoon, it feels good just to get outside and move, even if it's a leisurely walk.

The first part of this next week will be pretty light as I rest and body prep for Wednesday's run. Still debating on whether it will be a 16 mile or 18 miler! But I'm glad I will have my new shoes to take with me :)

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