Thursday, October 17, 2013


The Marathon Taper is in full swing here. After the surgery of course I pretty much rested from ALL intense physical activity (read as: anything more than walking or jogging only to catch up with a puppy, family member, what have you...)

 I had my follow up with the doctor last week and she gave me the go ahead to start running again! It's been a weird tapering experience for a couple of reasons:

1.) I've never really tapered leading up to a race before. I've always heard that I should but I just never felt confident in myself to stop training. It's never really been a problem for me before - but its possible I could've done better in previous races if I had let my body rest.

2.) I was sort of forced to taper thanks to my surgery. And usually taper doesn't mean take 2 weeks off and do absolutely nothing. So I took 2 weeks off and then had this week to get in 1 last semi long run, and some good quality shorter runs before more of a rest next week, with only very short easy runs, leading up to the Marathon. So my training has kind of looked like - TRAIN really HARD -> rest completely -> Taper? -> Run Marathon! Normally the taper should come before the "rest completely".

 I did run 12 miles yesterday (the semi-long run) and it felt good. I was nervous I would be deconditioned after the 2 week rest and barely be able to get through but, it wasn't bad. It took me a while to get into a good breathing rhythm and muscles were tight during and sore afterwards but I'm okay with that. I finished easy, feeling very encouraged that I can complete this 26.2 mile race in 10 days! Not only am I excited about reaching all of my training goals, I have met and actually exceeded my fundraising goal for 24:50 Inc. Little Sikelele will have education, after school care and health care for another year! I am so grateful to the friends and family members that made this possible. It will definitely be the motivator for me during the race when my body is rebelling against those last few miles.

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