Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Deep Cleaning

I spent the day Saturday cleaning the house because I knew I would be out of commission for a few days after my surgery (which happened yesterday) and I'm not very good at relaxing if my house feels messy.

I did the usual cleaning, you know the vacuuming, dusting, laundry, sweeping, mopping, bathroom cleaning, etc. but as I was doing all of that I started seeing other things that needed attention that I had been neglecting for the past few months. And of course once I saw it, I couldn't ignore it! For example...

The light fixtures on our ceiling fan were dusty, so I took all the globes down to clean..

I was having a hard time getting the lint off of the dyer vent so I had to wash that off (after the laundry was finished of course.)

And after I finished all the vacuuming, I took apart my Dyson and cleaned out the filters and canister. We've had the Dyson for over a year and I've never cleaned it out. It was disgusting! The bottom brush was all tangled up with hair and strings/fuzz from Piper's toys, and Piper hair was all over the filter...Talk about gross! 

Since I was completely appalled at how dirty I had let things get, I decided to make myself a monthly "Deep Cleaning" Checklist. That way I won't gag the next time I go to clean out my vacuum cleaners!

What do you think? 

Is there anything you would add to this deep cleaning checklist?

Any of these items you clean out more than just once a month?

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