Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Night Before: Marine Corps Marathon 2013

Its here, its here, its here, its finally here!!!!!

The Marine Corps Marathon is tomorrow.

Currently I'm laying on the hotel bed getting ready to go sleep. I've showered, stretched, prayed, and laid out my clothes and gear for the morning.

We (my friend/coworker/partner in crazy racing adventures Missy) drove up to DC yesterday morning because we registered for a Runner's Symposium course associated with the Marathon that we can use for continuing education courses for work. We went to that yesterday afternoon and this morning, and when we weren't in the course or getting lost trying to drive ourselves around DC we were hanging out at the expo. I don't know about you, but I love race Expo's! You're surrounded my hundreds of people all hoping to accomplish the same thing, all motivated to do their best and even some competing to be THE best. I always spend way too much money at Expo's because the race gear is always super expensive, but I allow myself 1-2 things as a souvenir from each race that I do. This race was a T shirt and hoodie. I love them!

I'm so excited that Mark drove up this evening just to be there for me at the finish line tomorrow. Isn't he the sweetest? The poor guy has sat for countless hours at finish lines over the 5 years we've been together. I keep trying to tell me he'd have more fun if he'd run the race with me, but he says he's good with just watching and waiting. : )

Anyways, its 9:45 and I am ready to sleep because we will be trying to catch the shuttle to the starting line at 5:30 tomorrow morning!

Packet Pick Up! Literally hundreds of people waiting in line to get their packet. I've never been at a race with this many people participating.

We had to stop and take pictures at all the signs :)

Feeling super pumped at the expo!

Motivated? Oh yea, 3 hard months of training and this girl is ready to run!

My pre-race dinner = 2 Slices of Papa Johns cheese pizza and 2 breadsticks. Yum!
I don't know why but this pre-run dinner has produced good results during the training. Lets hope it does my body good tomorrow as well!

Laying out all of my gear for tomorrow. (minus the laptop) It is supposed to be 41 degrees tomorrow at the start of the race. I'm going to be freezing! I'm starting off with a cheap light jacket and gloves that I plan on just tossing after I warm up. The race gathers all of the discarded clothing afterwards and donated it to a local homeless shelter. 

And of course I had to bring my "Stick" with me. Every night before I long run I give a good 2 minute roll to each muscle group in my legs before doing some light stretching. I always feel much looser and relaxed after rolling my muscles out. :)

One last picture of Missy and I enjoying the expo experience!

Starting time for the race tomorrow: 7:55am

T- 10 hours and 9 minutes. 

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