Monday, September 2, 2013

16 mile run + last weeks workout schedule

Happy Labor Day!

Mark and I were gone for the weekend visiting family for the last summer holiday so I'm a little behind putting up my workout schedule from last week. I have to say I'm in like with putting my workout schedules up on the blog here, It's keeping me accountable because it makes me think, Hey! I have to be able to say I did something! So here's what last week look liked on the exercise side of things.

Monday: ACL Class

Tuesday: 3 mile run

Wednesday: ACL class

Thursday: Rest (body prep for Friday's run - included lots of water and some carbs. My favorite pre-run dinner? 2 slices of cheese pizza and a couple of plain breadsticks.)

Friday: 16 mile run! And it was SO much better than last week's 14 miler. I know I said I was going to back it down this week and try 16 miles next week, but I knew my legs were feeling better than last week since I took Thursday off to rest and I didn't want to waste a good day on a shorter run! I did take my ipod with me which helped my motivation tremendously. And I decided to do 10 miles, make a pit stop at the house to grab a quick drink and some energy chews, and then left for the last 6. It made a huge difference I think! My 10 mile time: 1:40. 13.1 mile time: 2:14:40 (1/2 marathon split time!). 16 mile time: 2:49:37

My mantra during my run on Friday!

Saturday + Sunday: Vacation! I took my running gear with me, and probably should've gone for a run, but I was enjoying family and sleep just a little too much. (Priorities right? :))

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