Thursday, August 1, 2013

Europe Trip: London day 4

Good evening ladies and gents! (Just using some more British terms that I love!)

We had a full day in London today beginning with a 4:30 am wake up call so we could catch the tube from Oundle to London. (This definitely is not one of those sleep in, relax all day types of vacations!) We got to London pretty early and got to see the front of Buckingham Palace with out the crowds and then wandered around until we found a cafe to eat breakfast in...

Of course I had to have a proper English breakfast with some delicious tea and scones! Marks not a tea fan so he stuck to some fancy English Mocha :) 

After breakfast we headed back towards the palace to take the tours. 

Here's a quick shot of the glass carriage in the "Mews" or stable/coach area. This was used to carry the brides during the wedding processionals, most recently Kate Middleton :) 

It was rainy and chilly one minute then sunny and teetering on the edge of being too hot the next minute! 

We were waiting to tour the Queens Gallery- Full of paintings of past royals and dignitaries, there was even a Rembrandt in there! 

Unfortunately we weren't allowed to take pictures inside the gallery or inside the palace. I can't even begin to describe how much I love history. To stand in the same place someone of great importance stood several hundred years ago just blows my mind! If only the walls could talk, imagine the stories they would tell of king and queens of old! 

After the tour we walked out into the lawn of the palace and ate lunch at the Queens Cafe.

More Scones! And fancy china at the Queens cafe too, huh? ;)

We could take a few pictures so we snapped some family ones but they are on Marks camera right now with no way to upload them. (I've been posting from my phone!) but here's a landscape shot of the back of the palace...

For our final tour of the day we enjoyed a long ride through the city on a double decker bus tour! I'm telling you, I literally gasped and let out a long "ooooohhh" and "aaaaaahhhhh" when we turned the corner and Big Ben in all it's majesty towered over us. I didn't expect it to thrill me the way it did but it was exquisite! And of course those pictures are on Marks camera too because my phone died shortly after getting on the bus. 

My In-laws enjoying the bus ride! Even though this was their second go around in London! 

Oh the selfie picture... One day I'll learn to master it :) 

We are relaxing in our London flat that is overlooking the Thames River (Pronounced "Tims" river) now and planning our day for tomorrow. We're looking forward to the Tower of London, the London Eye, a river cruise and some shopping tomorrow! 

With love from London,


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