Sunday, August 18, 2013

Lazy Sunday = New Blog Look


I've been hard at work taking my sweet time changing up the look of the blog here! After Mark and I came back from lunch at my parents after church today, we decided to spend the rest of the afternoon just resting. : ) Since I'm not very good at actually sitting and doing nothing (I'm not even a great nap taker...) I thought I'd spend some time playing around on the blog. I had been wanting to change things up a bit but I didn't realize I'd spend the next 6 hours working on it.

Not 6 hours straight though...

I did take Piper for a short walk.

And chatted with my neighbor for a few minutes.

And Mark took me out for a quick dinner at Subway and an ice cream date at Sweet Frog.

Told you I wasn't very good at doing nothing...

But mostly I've been watching TV and working on the blog.

I must say I learned a lot about HTML and codes and the like. Most of it goes way over my head, so I guess I shouldn't say learned as much as followed tutorials. 

Hope you like some of the new look! I'm not finished, but it will probably always be a work in progress. : )

Hope you had a great weekend and have a good start to your week tomorrow!


I've got to give credit to 2 of the blogs that had really helpful tutorials... especially for adding the pinterest action!


Code it Pretty: A Pinterest Gadget for Blogger

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