Friday, July 12, 2013

4th of July Weekend

Mark and I enjoyed a nice long 4 day weekend last week for the 4th of July holiday since we both had Friday off. I started thinking about it, and I'd have to say Independence Day definitely makes my top 3 favorite holiday list. (The other two favorites being Easter and Christmas!)

I am proud to be an American; grateful that I was born here in the United States. Whenever 4th of July comes around I more often than not get stopped in my tracks as I think about the men and families that risked their lives to establish this nation hundreds of years ago. I become overwhelmed with respect and admiration for their courage and faith. Could you imagine being in the situations they were in? It truly blows my mind when I think about it. It gives you sense of how your actions can affect generations to come. I am so thankful for what they did for us and what people who serve this country continue to do for us.

Moving on. :)

I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the atmosphere of Independence Day celebrations! First of all its Summer, so the mood is generally more relaxed. And whats not to like about Cook Outs, Family, Games, Parades, Fireworks, Sparklers, and Americana everywhere... including in the food!

It just makes for a fun day.

Pinterest Inspired Creation.

Fruit pizza is always delicious.

Family getting ready to enjoy the local firework show!

The Friday after Independence day Mark and I had my cousins and their wives come stay with us for the weekend. Remember "My Boys" that I told you about? Yea, they were the ones that came! And they brought their 6 month old black lab puppy and 4 month old great dane puppy. You can imagine our house was pretty full with 8 people and 3 energetic pups, but we had a blast. We got to enjoy the beach and some more family cookouts. My cousin Tim and his wife Leah also announced that they were expecting their first child, they've been married about 8 months :) Isn't that precious? My baby fever probably spiked a few degrees hearing their news and talking to them over the weekend haha. Mark and I are still praying about God's timing for trying to start a family, but I'm hoping it will be soon. : ) We didn't get many pictures together, I'm so bad about taking time to stop and get pictures! The few we did take were of our adorable puppies of course. haha

Leah helping the puppies down the slide. :)

Good puppies waiting for their treats!
{The 2 black ones to the right of Piper are my Sister's and my Parent's family dogs, they came to visit one night for a cookout. 5 dogs in one backyard = lots of laughs. Bonus? Piper slept for days after their visit. ;) }

Piper and her cousin Griffin!

We spent a lot of time on our back deck just hanging out. :)

We're hoping to visit the cousins up where they live near Philly sometime this fall. Until then, Mark and I are looking forward to our Europe Vacay!!! Coming up in only 2 weeks!

Did I mention I was proud to be an American? :)

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