Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Project Front Yard: more flower bed!

My new work schedule started today which means I now have every Tuesday until 3pm to do whatever I want/need to! So today I decided to work on our flower beds a little more... Because it was free :)

We already cleaned out the bed from all the weeds and our one lariape plant that was already there finally had room to breath and it got huge in only a couple if weeks. So today I took out a few more shrubs that we didn't want and split up the plant into 4 quarters to fill out the flower bed. Hard work but I loved being home almost all day to get it done. :) ready to buy some fall flowers to plant this weekend!

P.s. see our cute gnome? Yea that's my husband's. He says he loves gnomes but I'm pretty sure it's just because he knows I sort of kind of don't. Buuuut he is kind of cute there :)

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