Monday, September 24, 2012

Project Dining Room: Wall decor part II

I wrote a short post here that talked about cheap and easy wall decor using scrapbook paper and cheap frames. The idea of course was inspired by Pinterest.... You can find it here at this post. I did mine a little differently then shown there, but the same general idea. I thought I'd put up a picture to show you how I hung my wall art.

Okay, actually it was my older sister Erin that hung my pictures up for me. Along with the curtains, the picture frame you can see off to the side and she also created a cute little table runner by adding 3 pieces of burlap ribbon to by painfully plain white table cloth. She's a much better interior decorator than I am. But I am patting myself on the back for picking out the cute curtains all by myself!

The dining room is slowly coming along. I am standing in the door way from the kitchen when I took this picture and the wall to the left of me has some white floating shelves on it that I'm still not satisfied with so pictures of that will come later.

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