Saturday, September 8, 2012

Pinterest Project: Plastic Bags

I pinned this idea on Pinterest  a few weeks ago because for as long as I've lived, in my parents house and now in my own house, we've had plastic bags stuffed full of more plastics bags, tied up and then stuffed in to more plastic bags! And then eventually we collect so many we just throw the bags away and start all over them. So when I saw this on pinterest I thought I would give it a try.

So the first step was to flatten all the paper bags  (the site suggested to use 12? I think I used 20...) making sure to get all of the air out of them.

The next step was to fold the bags in half.

Next line all the bags up so the handles are over lapping the bottom of the next bag.

Then take the handle of the top bag and fold it up so that it stick out. That is going to be the part that sticks up so you can pull the bag out.

Then starting from the top you roll the bags up very tightly until they are rolled into 
one big roll of plastic baggies :)

My roll isn't quite as neat as the one from the blog where my original pin on pinterest came from... but I found it really hard to keep all of the air out of the bags!
Over all, it was a little more work than I think might be worth it, but once you do the initial rolling of all the bags it seems like you can just add bags on without a problem. (Maybe???) I just wonder if I'll actually take the time to roll them up or if its just easier to stuff them in a bag???
 It does work pretty well though, the first bag came out easily and a new bag handle popped up. The blog suggested using empty lysol disinfectant wipe containers to store the bags in, and she showed how to decorate it them, which I thought was a cute idea! I just didn't have any empty containers lying around to stick my new plastic bag roll in to. 

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