Monday, October 1, 2012

Twine Vases

Happy October!!! It is officially FALL and I'm officially getting sucked into all things that feel, look and taste like fall! I have plans to make fall wreaths this Wednesday with my sister, Mark and I are taking a long weekend up in the mountains with his family to go apple picking starting this Friday, and this past weekend I added some twine to a couple of plain vases I had sitting around the house...

Okay... I guess twine doesn't necessarily mean fall. It's always cute no matter what season you use it in, but since it is fall outside, my twin vases are falling under the fall craft category today.

These are the two vases I had sitting around. I have to be honest, I am not the best interior decorator. Have I said that before on here? If not, I should have, because its true. I mean, look at these poor things. I just stuck fake, left over flowers from my wedding decor, put them in left over vases from my wedding and set them on shelves. I don't deny that I need help in this area and thats why pinterest is so essential to me! It gives me inspiration!
...not that wrapping twine around vases is an earth shattering idea... but I was excited to do it and I think it really made my vases stand out on their shelves.

My tool: Twine, Craft Glue

First step was anchoring the twine to the bottom of the vase. Have I mentioned I'm not exactly crafty either? I'm learning as I go. You can see my first anchor was a bit messy, but I cleaned it up a bit on the next one.

After the anchor was dry (about 10 minutes) I started wrapping the vase. On the cylinder vase pictured above I wrapped the string around 5-8 times and then added some more glue. I'd let that glue dry 2-3 minutes and then wrap again. It didn't take long at all do this one. The other vase was little more time consuming because it had all of the corners. I just made sure I anchored the string at each corner with glue for first 3 wraps to keep it from slipping down. After that I could wrap it about 5 times before adding more glue to each corner and then wrapping again. 

Finished Product:

Like I said. Nothing earth shattering, but I think they turned out cute. 
(Can you see my burlap table runner? Fall is creeping into my dining room too!)

This is what the vases look like put back in their homes.

Built in bookshelf in the living room...

Floating shelves in the dining room...

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