Thursday, October 11, 2012

Apple Orchard

This past weekend Mark and I were blessed to enjoy time with his family in the mountains of Virginia. Mark's family has a tradition of visiting an apple orchard every fall for an Apple Festival and I've had the chance to be a part of this family trip ever since Mark and I have been together. Normally the trip consists of an overnighter at a hotel or just a day trip to the orchard and back home (its about a 4 hour drive from where we live.) However, this weekend we got to spend a little extra time together thanks to the perks from Mark's work. Since we are going to Texas next month for my cousins wedding we rented a cabin through a military time share website, well it just so happened that they were doing a buy one get one free when we bought the Texas cabin and so we were able to rent a time share in the mountains for our Fall retreat this year for FREE! How great is that? We got up there Friday afternoon and stayed until Tuesday morning... Marks parents enjoyed the time share for us for the rest of the week since we had to be back to work Tuesday afternoon.

We enjoyed a large street craft fair on Saturday. I wanted so badly to find a large home made plaque or wreath to take home, but everything was out of my price range so we just enjoyed looking.

We also went to The Cheese Shop where I didn't do as we'll staying in our trip budget.o BUT it was yummy foods that can be used for dinners so I'll just make sure to subtract a little from our grocery budget this month. 

(Soup Mixes, Dip Mixes, and Couscous)

 Chocolate Pretzels Right??
Apparently you shouldn't assume treats are chocolate pretzels just because they look like chocolate pretzels. Because in fact, they could be chocolate graham crackers.

No matter...They were delicious anyways. :)

On Sunday we visited the apple orchard! We got Fuji's, red delicious, and jonigolds for snacking and then winesaps for baking! I can't wait to get into the kitchen and make something yummy! I'm using Pinterest for inspiration of course.

And then the highlight of our fall trip is always visiting the Poindexter's family friends... They make us delicious dinners, we play music and sing and enjoy playing games like Mexican Train Dominoes. (Have you heard of it? It was my first time playing but I loved it!)

Over all the mountains were beautiful! It was a wonderful way to welcome the fall season and I can't wait for the weekend to get here so I can try some of my apple recipes!

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