Saturday, October 27, 2012

Well Balanced Wednesdays

A few weeks ago I had an idea. Not my most spectacular idea, but decent enough that I want to share it on here.

You see, I LOVE going to my sister Erin's for lunch during the week. She lives less than 5 minutes from my work and it's the perfect place to take a breather in the middle of the day. BUT my lunch breaks always seem to go by too fast and I'm always caught up in the middle of a conversation with Erin that has to be cut off mid way through because I have to rush back to work. Well this year I get to get off work super early on Wednesdays, usually right around lunch time, and I thought to myself... why haven't I been taking advantage of this day to visit my sister without being interrupted by a clock that seems to tick twice as fast during the lunch hour??? But not only did I want to sit and visit with Erin, I decided that it would be nice if my visits with her had some sort of purpose. I talked to her about it and we decided to spend the afternoon together doing a bible study and some sort of exercise that way we could be improving our spiritual and physical fitness together. 

Today was our first day. I was pretty excited about it so I decided to give it a name:

Well-Balanced Wednesdays
1. having good balance or proportions
2. of balanced mind

Unfortunately I am way better at training physically then spiritually and Erin is more motivated to improve her spiritual strength then physical strength. But we believe both are important and so we've decided to help each other become more well-rounded...well-balanced. Training both body and soul!

We're doing a bible study called "Life Principles from the Women of the Bible". We started with Eve today...I love how you always grasp new truths when you re-read about the people and history presented in the Bible. 

We kicked off our exercise day with some Pilate's Core Training. I was embarrassed about how much my abs were shaking with some of those exercises!

Praying that God gives us diligence to stay on track with Wednesday plans! I'm looking forward to improving my physical and spiritual health.

Just so you don't think I'm crazy. I know today is Saturday... I wrote this Wednesday but was waiting to put a picture in it so saved it instead of published it and I just remembered tonight that I had never gone back and posted it! Woops.

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