Monday, August 6, 2012

A lesson in obedience

First I just want to start this post by saying in no way did I want my last post to sound like I am not enjoying being married! I love everything about it! Its just that there are challenges along the way, ones that I didn't have before I was married, that I am having to figure out and grow from.

Take yesterday for example...

It was Sunday, "Family Day"... Or at least thats how it was in my parents household. So naturally yesterday I wanted to have lunch with my parents and siblings and spend the day over at their house. My sister and her husband were planning on having lunch over there so to me it sounded like the perfect family afternoon. Not so much to Mark. According to my hard working husband, we had too many things to get done around the house (since we spent all day Saturday at the beach) before he went back to work on Monday. (I have today off!) In that moment that he rejected my plans to go to my parents (the second time I proposed my plan, because sometimes its worth a shot to ask again) I sat there contemplating how I was going to respond. I was disappointed and slightly upset, I didn't see the harm in spending a day doing nothing but enjoying the company of my family. But God also reminded me in that moment that when I said those vows, even long before that really, I had promised to obey Mark and submit to him...even in the little things. So I conceded... I didn't say anything else about going to my parents. I will admit for the first hour or two I had a small attitude and only talked to him when I was spoken to (am I sounding like a spoiled child yet?) but as the day went on God continued to chip away at my stubborness and by the end of the day I was grateful that my husband had insisted on staying home to finish tasks that we had been unable to do the day before.

I was able to clean out my refrigerator, cut coupons, go grocery shopping (saving $45 from those coupons!), finish the laundry, help Mark put up the new blinds we had purchased with the last of our wedding money and even go to the craft store so I could create some wall decor for our back bedroom that we're currently painting/decorating/ trying to completely finish to make it suitable for a guest room! **Pictures to come on the next post!** Mark was able to sort through items from his parents house that had been sitting in our front room and find appropriate storage for them and he was also able to burn boxes that had been taking over our garage for weeks. On top of what we accomplished we were able to save a lot of gas by not making the 30 min trip to my parents and back.

It was a good reminder to me to be obedient to my husband in all the little things. Hopefully next time I'll be able to start off the day with the right attitude and not take all day to realize my husband was right. Because now that I accomplished all of those tasks yesterday I am free to enjoy a relaxing day at the beach with my mom and sisters on my day off! Had I not listened to my husband yesterday I would be missing out on this opportunity!

Virginia Beach, here I come!

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