Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Getting Back In Shape: February Update

Nope. You don't have to go back and check my last post  to make sure your eyes aren't deceiving you. 

There's only a 2 pound difference between now and then.

Let's see... what words can I use to describe how I feel about this?

Frustrated. Annoyed. Defeated. Confused. Upset. Disappointed. Disheartened

I've been exercising, granted, I haven't been sticking to the p90x every day, but I'm sure exercising way more than I was in December so I figured I'd see a big initial drop in weight.

I've cut back on the soda. I've only been drinking it on the weekend. I thought for sure that would help me get rid of some of this belly bulge I've been carrying around.

But nope, nothing. 2 pounds is basically nothing! I can't even honestly say its a solid 2 pounds lost because there are days that I'm back to 156. 

Definitely frustrated by this. But I'll keep going.

My plan for this month to try and achieve better results?

1.) Get back to running. Cardio brings great weight loss results and it's about that time to start training for my triathlon this summer. Time to RUN. RUN. RUN.
2.) Drink more water! Not only am I going to hold off on soda during the week, I'm going to avoid drinking sweet tea, lemonade, sugary juices etc. The only exception? Milk for breakfast! The weekends I'll allow myself to splurge a little bit.
3.) Eat more fruits/veggies for snacks. I bought a head of lettuce to start using in place of bread for lunch sandwiches. 

Hopefully my March update will be more inspiring. 

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