Sunday, March 25, 2012

Lantern Love

Early in the wedding planning stage I fell in love with 2 things...
Lanterns and Baby's Breath. 

Recently I found these adorable little lanterns at Garden Ridge and immediately knew that I had to have them. I was shopping by myself, so you might say it was unfortunate that there wasn't anybody there to reign in my love of obsession with lanterns and bring to light that paying almost $5 a piece for these little beauties might not have been the smartest thing - especially since I don't really need them but I like to think of it as destiny.

These lanterns and I were simply meant to be together.

I just needed to find a purpose for having them to justify the money spent. So last Wednesday when my sister/MOH came over to help practice our DIY wedding bouquet skills she helped me create a lovely piece of decor out of these.

<---- Here I am giving some TLC
 to my baby lanterns.

And turning them into....
Cute Right?!?!
I think I decided we'll place these around the cake table and guest book table to add some extra 
Lantern Love to the feel of the room. I'm so excited! I just hope I don't get so caught up in the excitement of the day that I forget to take a look around and see how adorable they look as part of the decor!

I also decided they would make great decorations for Mark and I's backyard deck when we have people over for cookouts this summer. The money was well worth it. 

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  1. So classy and cute. You could hang them on a rope across your back porch! SO when your spying on your neighbors back yard with the pool you will have clear visibility. Genius.