Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Shaping Up

With my wedding less than 4 months away I am beginning to feel the pressure of umm well... not necessarily losing weight per say.... but toning up what I already have. Thats not to say that I wouldn't be thrilled if I lost about 10 pounds in the process but my mom always taught me that we should exercises to be healthy and feel good about our bodies, not to meet a certain number on the scale. SO my mission to feel good not only in me wedding dress but in some honeymoon attire as well [*wink wink*] has officially begun!

I tried to start this process back in November when I was training for the Freedom Half Marathon in Norfolk. I planned to train and then keep up my training through March when I planned to run the Shamrock 1/2. Well I finished the 1/2 marathon in November (3 min slower than my personal best *sad face* but I did get a pretty sweet medal for finishing...see below!) only to be diagnosed with mono a week later. Thus all training not only came to stop but began backsliding in a rapid, ugly fashion to the point where a 1/2 mile FELT like a 1/2 marathon. Thanks to Mono all my hard work was gone and it's taken until now to feel back in shape to start pushing myself hard  during workouts and being able to endure more than a few times a week.

My first long run since Mono is tomorrow morning! 7 miles... EEK! But I'm excited because I got a fancy new Timex GPS watch for Christmas that I haven't had a chance to try out on a longer run!

So here's to a glorious 7 miles tomorrow morning and 4 months of 
whipping my body into prime bridal condition!

The medal that I just have to show off because well, it looks the way it does. And I'm not going to lie, sometimes I pretend its an olympic bronze medal. 
Okay not really. 
But... actually, yes. I do. 

Told ya it was pretty sweet.

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