Monday, January 23, 2012

Photo Booth

With countless hours spent on researching wedding ideas over the past 7 months and deciding what kinds of things I wanted to have at my reception and which ones I could leave out, having a photo booth was on the top of that list. That was until I found out just how expensive they were.

I knew it wasn't in our budget to pay the typical $950+ asking price by most companies around here so I began toying with idea of making our own photo booth. Pinterest has several DIY tutorials that I began searching through. While setting up the backdrop for a photo booth seemed simple enough, I never could work out the logistics of who would take the pictures and if we could get the pictures printed instantly with good quality and without costing a fortune to pay for the ink required to print all of these pictures! Especially since I loved the idea of having one print for guests and one print for the guest book. So even though I kept coming back to the idea I always left it feeling thoroughly disappointed.

That was until Living Social came out with a deal... $250 for 2 hours of photo booth entertainment from Smash Elite Entertainment Photo Booth! Now Groupon had had a similar deal a couple of months ago that I checked in to, but they didn't have my date available. So when I saw this new deal on Living Social I called them up immediately. As I spoke to the lady on the phone and she looked to see if May 12th was available I'm pretty sure I was holding my breath. I knew that if this didn't work out I would have to give up all hopes of having a photo booth at my reception. When she came back on the line saying May 12th was open I definitely let out a big, loud, excited "YES!" (Sorry lady on the phone for possibly hurting your poor eardrum.)

I'm so thankful that we were able to find a photo booth that fit in our budget! God is so good to give me these little blessings.

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