Friday, April 8, 2016


Remember a little over a month ago when I shared that we had put our house on the market? I told you then that the day we put it up for sale we had 3 different people schedule to come see it within the first 48 hours. Well, by the end of those 48 hours we had 2 different offers on our house.

We were in shock! We hadn't even made it to the weekend, which is the typical busy time of showing a house to potential buyers. We put it up Tuesday morning and Thursday night we were reviewing the offers and signing the contracts to sell our home.

When we first decided to sell, I was super worried about not finding a house before ours sold because I didn't want to feel rushed in finding a new place. I wanted to be able to take our time and not feel pressured to settle just because we needed to find a place to move in to. Surprisingly, as we sat down at the table with our realtor in our soon to be, no longer ours, dining room to sign the papers I had a quiet feeling of peace and gratitude. Selling our house so quickly felt like affirmation from God that we had indeed chosen well and that I needed to continue to trust my husband's leading. Not only that, but the buyers didn't want to close on the house until May and were flexible in letting us choose the date. We chose May 18th for the closing date, which at the time we thought gave us plenty of time to find a new place.

The process of being "under contract" can be a little nerve wracking as you wait for the home inspection and the appraisal to go through, but just last week everything was finalized and we got a big ol' "SOLD" sticker put on our sign.

In the 5 weeks since it first went under contract we've looked at a dozen or more houses!  We almost put an offer on one, actually did put an offer on another one but it got rejected, and seen several that we knew were just not for us. We've felt a little frustrated at times but have mostly just felt that same quiet peace. We know we'll find the house.

It has been fun to look at houses time around compared to when we were engaged. We had no idea what we were doing then! Isn't funny sometimes to look back and see how you've grown as individuals and as a couple?
I have had to do some serious soul searching through this process as we've come across beautiful homes\that have made my heart all a flutter, but are just out of our price range. I've been tempted to want to press our budget in order to get the "perfect" home that has everything on my wish list. The temptation of materialism is real, you guys. I've had to refocus my heart and mind each time we go out to look at houses, reminding myself that this place is, as Carrie Underwood puts it ;) Our temporary home. Not where we belong. Just windows and rooms, that we're passing through. I don't mean to say we're looking for a run down shack. We are looking for a nice quiet place to raise our family and we've been blessed with the means to do so. I just have to remind myself to stay within our means so that we can focus on storing treasures in heaven and not building our own kingdom here on earth. Our prayer is that God will lead us to a neighborhood where we can serve our neighbors and share his love with those around us.

We are going to look at another house this afternoon for the second time. We really like it, but it does have some drawbacks so we are going to look at it again to see if these things are compromises that we can live with. If we don't find a house by mid April (so, you know, in like a week) we'll be imposing upon some of our family members for a bit while we continue looking. They've assured us that they don't mind and are even excited about the possibility of us staying with them for a time. It's not ideal as we'll have to figure out storage solutions for our furniture and things, but we are so grateful to have places to stay and I actually think it could be fun too. ; ) Almost like we've come to visit them for an extended vacation! We'll just still have to go to work haha.

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