Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Moving On

Okay folks, here is the official announcement I spoke of during the house tour...

We're moving!

We're not exactly sure where yet, but we do know we're staying in our general area. 

Why are we moving?

The main reason is wanting a quieter place.
We live in a great neighborhood, but its a very large neighborhood and our house is located on the  corner of one of the main streets that lead back to all of the houses. Its right in front of the stop sign so it gets pretty noisy in the morning and evening during "rush hour". As Reaghan grows and we add more babies, we just don't feel comfortable with our kids being out in the yard, riding bikes and playing around when there is so much traffic right in front of our house.

We knew when we bought the house that we wouldn't be in it forever. Our goal has always been to get into our next house by the time we turned 30... we turned 27 last year so technically we have a few more years to reach our goal haha and I'll be honest, when Mark first brought up the idea of moving last fall I was not for it. I basically said, "No thanks, I'm happy where we are right now" and he respected that. For a few months anyways. After Christmas he brought it up again and again I started to resist... but thought maybe I should hear him out a little bit more since he was bringing it up a second time. And, as he usually does, he made some good points on why we should consider moving now verses 2 or 3 years from now...

1.) We're currently debt free. (aside from our mortgage)
2.) We want to purchase a mini van in the next year or so, and even though we hope to pay cash for one we may end up getting a small loan. Outstanding loans don't look good when applying for mortgages. Even in the hopes we can purchase the van with cash, well, it may not be advisable to try and buy a new home when you've just wiped out your savings account.
3.) We only have 1 child right now, so moving will be less stressful trying to pack up 1 vs 2-3 kids. Especially if we end up having to stay with family while we find a house.

Okay, okay okay. Sometimes logic trumps emotions. 

My reasons for staying?
1.) Its our first house! How can we leave it?!
2.) We had our wedding night here!
3.) We brought our baby home here!

Mark promised that we wouldn't move if I didn't feel 100% on board, so we prayed about it and talked it out for a few weeks and in the end... I got on board. I'm thankful for my husbands gentle leading and his logical side that brings rationale to my emotions. 

We've been working hard the last few weeks to get our house ready to put on the market and today was the first official day! It went on all the websites this morning and within an hour someone had scheduled to come see the house at noon. CRAZY! They liked it so much they are coming back to see it again tomorrow. We also have another couple coming to look at it tomorrow afternoon. 
That was fast!

I'm a little nervous because we haven't found a new house that we love yet. 
But I know it's a good, good thing that people are already wanting to come and see our house, so even though I was running around like a crazy person dusting and vacuuming and picking up toys this morning to make the house look pretty, and will be doing it all again tomorrow morning, I'm thanking God that He's bringing people to see the house. We have options to stay with family if we can't find something before our house sells, but it will be no good if we can't actually sell our house.

Overall we're nervous but really excited about whats in store for us over the next couple of months!

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