Saturday, August 20, 2016

Mantle Styling

Our new home has beautiful high ceilings. Mark and I both love them because they make the rooms in our home feel more spacious and open but they are a challenge for my already limited decorating abilities. I forgot to take a before picture of our mantle but I basically just had a canvas from our old home laying up against the wall (not even hung up) and some picture frames up there. The wall seemed so big over the mantle that I was really taking my time trying to decide what I wanted up there.

Mark and I were in Lowe's a few days ago for some things Mark needed for the draining project he'd been working on in our backyard and we wandered down their home decor aisle. These beautiful big clocks suddenly caught my eyes and it clicked! Thats what I wanted on that wall. I came home and of course went to Pinterest to see if big clocks actually do look cute over fireplaces (I don't trust my own decorating ideas sometimes!) and I loved what I saw so today we went back to Lowe's and I got to pick out the one I wanted! : )

I was so excited to come back home and style the mantle. I referred back to Pinterest many times as I rummaged through my boxes of decor (that have still not been fully unpacked) trying and retrying different looks. 

My blank canvas! I love, love, love the way it looks! I was so excited when Mark got it hung up for me.

I was happy with this start. I really wish I had candle sticks with differing heights! That will be on my list next time I'm out shopping. You can see on the fire place some of the possible items to set up there. My Willow Tree angels, candles, picture frames, wreaths, etc. 

Getting closer! I took one candle away until I get a taller one. I did add some of my Willow Tree dolls and another picture frame. I grabbed our Sate of Virginia picture off of our entertainment set and even though I loved it under the TV, I liked it so much more on the mantle! And then I added a shorter flower arrangement on the other side. I just used the fake flowers that I had on hand but I'm excited to be able to switch those out seasonally and keep refining the look. I also want to either get a new tall vase for the yellow flowers or spray paint the one I have because its just clear glass and I don't LOVE it. But it will do for now. This was a huge decorating challenge for me because I'm a very symmetrical decorator. Like a picture on each side, all Willow Tree angels in the middle, etc. I was trying VERY hard to let the clock be the center piece and not create another center on the mantle. It still needs a little work but I'm happy with my progress. Thankful to Pinterest for being a good mentor! :)

***The glare from the windows were so bad that I decided to retake some pictures tonight and I love the way it looks even more! The only change I made was making the white flowers a little taller - I like it but its a little sparse. Oh! And I added some art to my chalkboard! (The hearth still needs a little work...)***

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