Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Summer 2016 Recap

Its been a long, hot, humid summer! We didnt have anything big planned for the summer but its still felt like a busy few months. Heres a recap of summer 2016!


In May we closed on our new home and moved in! Immediately afterwards we took a week long trip to the OBX with Marks family where, as I mentioned in my last post, we announced our pregnancy! We had a blast at the beach. I was looking forward to this vacation after our busy move and really looked forward to spending quality time with Reag. My family was a huge help with watching her during the move but I was starting to feel bad and couldn't wait to get uninterrupted time with her. Reaghan liked the beach but was nervous going near the water... we were very proud of her as she learned to trust her mommy and daddy and walk through the waves! We went to Jockey's Ridge and flew kites, took family run/walks every morning, took evening walks on the beach looking for shells, and Reaghan took the longest naps of her life because she was so worn out from the beach every morning! I would have to wake her up for dinner and I'm not going to lie, it made for a nice vacation for mommy too!


I basically started to get sick the first week of June and I already talked about that in our pregnancy announcement last post, so no need to go into details. Thankfully I had some medicine by the time Fathers Day and Mark's birthday rolled around. We had planned a weekend trip to IKEA for his birthday (he had never been) before I started getting sick and I was determined to make it still happen. (I only got sick once in IKEA! yay!) We had fun picking out furniture and curtains for our new home and even got a few presents to save back for Reaghan's birthday. We celebrated Father's Day by stopping at a new donut shop on the way to church and enjoying a yummy breakfast together. We got to see our baby for the first time and love his/her "turtle" looking picture! At the end of the month we had family come in town and enjoyed beach days with my grandma, aunts, cousins and their kids. Reaghan got to spend time with my cousins kids who she hadn't seen since last year. Reaghan also went to her first movie theater movie to see Finding Dory with all those cousins and did great! She sat quiet the whole time, even when she started to lose interest in the movie. And we spent the hot days playing on our back deck with water in buckets cause we don't have a fancy water table haha. Well - Reag played, I sat in a chair eating ice chips and crackers. ; )


July was full of typical summer fun! Independence day celebrations where Reag wore adorable outfits and bathing suits and saw her first fire work show! She didn't love the fireworks, but once she was on my lap and had her paci she was fine. She watched the whole time without a fuss after that! We celebrated our niece Brooklyn's 2nd birthday. We officially announced our pregnancy to the "world" by putting some pictures up on faceboook. Our cousin Olivia stayed with my parents for the month of July and we enjoyed having her as part of all of our summer family fun this year! We took a big group to Chic-fil-a's cow appreciation day and got free chicken sandwiches by dressing like cows. :) My parents took Reag out for a Reaghan/Grandparent day and I got to float in their pool all by myself for a few hours. I was still having some really yucky sick days here and there so when they made that offer I almost cried with gratitude for the chance to rest. Reaghan went to her first baseball game. It was 90 degrees but dip n dots made it bearable. Reaghan made messes out of ice cream cones and had cottton candy for the first time at a fun picnic. At the end of the month we spent the night with my sister and her husband Adam at a lake house in Lake Gaston. Reag went on a boat for the first time and liked the boat but not the fact that she had to wear a life vest. Mark tried wake boarding and I tried wake surfing. Let's just say we're not water sport people! haha After that we headed up to Charlottesville for the weekend to take our somewhat annual canoe trip with family! My mom stayed back with Reaghan again and I was really grateful. I knew she wanted to go, but she let me go instead. I have a feeling that was my last trip for a while because next year we'll have another baby!!! We got to spend some time with my cousin Emma's husband Lloyd who we hadn't seen since their wedding last year and made some good memories. Like Mexican train dominoes and getting poured on while canoeing down the river. : )

August has been fun so far. I'm feeling so much better and enjoying being more active. It's been brutally hot outside though - 90 to 100 degrees every day with the heat index over 100 sometimes! Emma came home with us after the canoe trip because Lloyd had to finish the last week of his internship at a debriefing conference - he's in Law School at Stanford! Anyways, we had a great week with Emma here at the beach and she finally won Reaghan over by playing make up with her! While she was here we did lots of girls days with shopping, eating and movies. Her last day here we went hiking on some trails near the bay and then played in the water some. Reaghan loved it and it made me want to go back! Funny how you forget about local fun things until someone from out of town comes to visit. We had an Olympic opening ceremony party in our new house with the family because we're huge Olympic junkies over here. (Our hearts broke when the soccer team got eliminated and when beach volleyball didn't win gold!) And out latest August adventure was going to an event at the zoo called "Breakfast at the Zoo!" They open it up a couple of hours early for members, offer a free breakfast and then you get to walk around and see the animals fed their breakfasts. It was so. hot. Thankfully they have fountains that kids can run through near the entrance!! I seriously wanted to run through them myself. Sometimes its no fun being an adult. ; )

So that's been our summer so far! I usually enjoy each season to the fullest before feeling ready for the next one to roll in - but knowing that we still have a good month of summer left here in Virginia kind of makes me sigh with longing for fall. I haven't handled the heat well this summer but then again, I'm not sure if many people have! Here's to spending the last month either in the A/C or in a pool!  :)

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