Sunday, January 22, 2017

Family Pictures!

Early this fall I had envisioned getting some family pictures taken that would sort of be a 3 in 1 photo shoot. {1} being General Family pictures {2} a few Maternity shots and {3} 2 year old photos of Reaghan to replace her 1 year pictures hanging in our hallway.

For reasons that I can't quite put my finger on, we kept delaying them and not finding a good weekend to get with my sisters to get them done.

Finally the first week in December I was all bummed out because we had no pictures to use for our Christmas cards and my body was entering the massive stage of pregnancy, not the cute little baby bump stage and we still hadn't taken any pictures! My sisters were going to be free the next day so I begged Mark to go take some pictures on what was looking to be one of the coldest days of the season so far! He tried to insist that we didn't need to send picture Christmas cards this year, so it took a little convincing, but he finally went along with it.

But it turns out... I probably should've just listened to him and scrapped the whole dream of getting pictures done in time for Christmas cards because you guys - it was like 30 degrees outside and Reaghan was not loving it. At. All. I tried to do everything right to prepare my toddler for the photoshoot - as in make sure she gets a good nap before we go - but I forgot 1 key toddler necessity. We left so quickly after she got up from her nap that I never gave her anything to eat or drink. *gasp* Freezing weather + hangry toddler is not a good combo for getting cute, loving and giggly pictures. Not to mention the the cold caused her poor little nose to run the whole time and you know how toddlers LOVE having their noses wiped. You know another thing toddlers LOVE? Having their coats taken on and off every 3 minutes to strike another pose. {please tell me you can hear my sarcasm.}

Erin and Mallory graciously tried to snap pictures while their hands were freezing and get Reaghan to smile. They're pretty talented so they managed to squeeze out some good ones that I'm really grateful for! I don't know how they did it because over all it wasn't quite what I had envisioned! I was surprised when we got them back that there were actually ones of Reaghan smiling! haha

Oh well. Lesson learned. Don't take pictures when its 30 degrees outside. Don't take pictures with a hangry toddler. Aaaaand its probably a good idea to listen to my husband's advice a little more. ; )

Family Pictures 2016 

{photo credits Without Words Photography }

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