Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2014 and all that it will bring...

..... All that it will bring remains a mystery! Last year we had so many plans and we travelled and saw so many new things. Looking back I'm amazed that all of this happened in one year and I am so grateful for all of the opportunities we had to see the world, update our house, check things off of our "bucket list" and see God's grace evident in our lives. Here is a short summary of what happened to us un 2014!

New Places Travelled To - Philly, Massachusetts (2x!), Maine, Canada, England, France and Ireland! 

New Accomplishments - Ran a Tough Mudder, Completed my first Triathlon, Completed my 2nd Full Marathon! Mark got a big promotion at work. 

New Scary Moments - Mark was furloughed from work for 2 weeks. My first time undergoing surgery for the removal of an ovary. 

New Milestones Celebrated - 1 year anniversary and mark and I both turned 25!

New House Updates - New fence, planted trees in the back yard, new bricks for our front flower bed, new washing machine, new kitchen appliances, new storm door for the front door, and a new mailbox. :)

New Things Tried - my first raised vegetable garden, hosting Thanksgiving dinner for my family, raising our very own puppy.

Seriously, I can't believe all of that happened last year! 

And this year? 

We don't have any real plans. 

Oh I'm sure we will travel a little (just not too far from home), try new things, and I mean - we always have grand ideas for house updates (we're just never sure what will happen first or when)! But even without big plans we are always full of hopes and dreams for our future!

We are hoping as always to grow closer to God in this New Year as we seek Him as a couple and as individuals. We are hoping to stay open to whatever He has planned for our future. We are hoping to stay healthy and fit. We hope to continue to have steady jobs throughout the year. We hope to see our little family grow. : )

I enjoyed last year and all of our plans and realized dreams, but I am looking forward to this year as well. It will be a year of just seeing what happens and going along with it. It sounds kind of nice. : )

So here is to 2014 and all that it will bring!

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