Big News!

By Meg - 6:18 PM

Wow! Its been 2 months since I've posted anything. I definitely didn't mean to be away from my blog for so long. But I have a good excuse...

Lots of happy things are happening here at the Poindexter house and it all revolves around this little announcement:

We are having a baby!!! Our first little one is due September 11th and we couldn't be more excited. Unfortunately my first trimester had me hugging toilets all day long and dragging myself to and from work only to come right home and fall asleep. Thankfully my super sweet husband took great care of me, our house and our puppy over the last 7 weeks and I think I am finally starting to emerge from that 1st trimester fog! I am 14 weeks today, so I am officially in the 2nd trimester. I definitely have more energy and the nausea seems to be lessening. So thankful for the 2nd trimester! But even more thankful to have a little life growing inside of me!

I was speechless when I saw this little thing squirming around on the screen when we got our first ultrasound. I couldn't believe it was so active kicking those tiny legs and arms. Amazing. The picture looks like my baby still has a tail but I promise those are his or her legs ; ) I saw them kick!

We were so excited about our news that we had my sisters Mallory and Erin from Without Words Photography take some fun announcement pictures, so I'll end this post with some of my favorites from our photo shoot.

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