Wednesday, May 21, 2014

New Floors: Finished!

So I definitely didn't follow through with my original plan of posting pictures through out the process of laying new floors down.

Not only did I not do regular updates during the project - I haven't posted ANYTHING in over a MONTH. *hangs head* Why am I finding blogging so difficult lately? Especially with all of the fun and exciting things happening this summer for our'd think I'd be more on top of it.

I guess late is better than never though, so finally here are pictures of the finished project!

Sorry for the glare, but doesn't that floor look fantastic? I love they way it looks and feels. I love vacuuming up the dog hair and knowing that I got all of it! We purchased 3 rugs from Lowes that all match. Piper is happy to have the rug to lay on. She's not a big fan of laying on the hard wood unless its right after we come back from a run. : ) We also got a new coffee table! Mark's sister and her husband gave it to us for free and I love it. Its a beautiful table!

Here is just a quick picture of the floors in our dining room. I love the way it looks with our table and chairs... I just need to figure out if I want a rug in here or not.

Mark still has to lay all of the quarter round along the edges of floor to finish the project off - but other than that it is done! He got it all finished in a week and then a second weekend to finish the dining room. He did it almost all by himself - with the help of his dad 1 day and then I tried to help in the evenings after getting off work. I'm impressed with all that my man did that week - learning the new skill of putting in floors and then completing the project beautifully! Very thankful for his handy man abilities that save us money.

Hoping your May isn't speeding by too fast! I can't believe Memorial Day is this weekend! Hopefully I'll be a little more regular around here, maybe even post some baby bump pictures???

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