Sunday, April 13, 2014

New Floors: Phase I

Phase I:

  • Step 1: Tear up tile in foyer/back door way and carpet in family room/hallway - COMPLETE
  • Step 2: Replace some of the subfloor particle board - this step is a new one thanks to finding some wet/swollen? particle board after pulling up the carpet. Projects are never as easy as you think they're going to be are they? Mark plans to finish this step tomorrow and start on step 3
  • Step 3: Lay the laminate flooring in the family room, hallway and foyer
I forgot to put up some before pictures, so here are a couple of shots of what our family room looked like 2 days ago...

Piper likes to photobomb my pictures... she apparently needed to go outside... :)

 AND here's what it looks like now:

Again, Piper with the photobomb! See all of the "stains" in the sub floor? Which looks gross, but apparently its from having your carpet shampooed - which we've done twice - the water soaks through the carpet to the particle board and makes it all puffy and stained. Anyways - we have to replace parts of it like I mentioned earlier...

Our entrance way is all torn up too - the tile was difficult and time consuming to tear up. Or so Mark tells me, he didn't want me to help with any of that :)

Mark and Piper needed a little break before tearing up the last section of carpeting... By the way... Like our couch? We were blessed by it when we got married - a hand me down from Mark's parents. The plaid Christmas colors aren't exactly matching my home's color scheme though so we put a cover over it as seen in the "before" pictures : ) 

Piper is not a fan of the temporary flooring situation, she preferred hanging out on the couch, especially when her daddy was hanging out there with her...

I'm working all day tomorrow, until 7pm, so we are hopeful that replacing the subfloor won't take too long and that there might be a small start to our new floors down by the time I get home. Mark is going to be working on his own tomorrow so I will be praying for my man all day that he's able to get done what he wants to without getting frustrated! 

Looking forward to posting updated pictures of the project as the week goes on!

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