Sunday, August 31, 2014


You guys.

It's starting to get a little real over here at the Poindexter house.

Our nursery (which I need to take more pictures of and update you on that soon!) is filled with the tiniest things I've ever had in my possession. Not to mention the sweetest smelling after washing them all in baby Dreft detergent!

Not only is the nursery full of the babiest things, my own room and bathroom are beginning to fill with the most unusual and slightly intimidating products that have ever graced their shelves.

.... Nipple Cream. 

TMI? ...Apparently these are especially needed post birth.

Anywho... on to less awkward things...

Our bags are packed and ready to GO! 

I had an appointment this past Friday and they said I'm 3cm dilated and my cervix is really thin (I mean, I showed you hemorrhoid pads, so I can talk about my cervix right? Seriously, is it too much? Oh well - too late!) so basically I could go anytime! The doctor said she wouldn't be surprised if I didn't make it to my next appointment this coming Thursday. I'll only be 39 weeks though so it would be completely practical to not go into labor before then too. 

I know sweet babies are developing all the way up to their 40th week - but this mama wouldn't mind it if her little girl wants to come sooner. ; ) 

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